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Crystal Energy Field for Share Market Success
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Crystal Energy Field for Share Market Success

Stock Market transactions need skill of a higher order as it involves intelligent speculation. The irrational, unpredictable, intra-day fluctuations can make or break the investor's fortunes, easily. This Crystal Energy Field is exclusively dedicated to boosting the type of Intelligent Business Speculation Luck and perfect sense of timing that is required to make good money consistently in Stock Market Trading.

The CEF helps to identify when to invest and when to disinvest, how to feel the pulse of the market, to practically assess support levels and resistance levels; exploit both the Bull Runs and the Bear Hugs; thoroughly analyse the Booms and the Busts; understand the unknown Factors and hidden Manipulations, insulate one from the sheer gambling urge promoted by the crowd psychology and take right decisions at the right time. It will also help in drastically reducing the tensions and mental fatigues normally associated with the Share Markets. The CEF accelerates the Contrarian Investing and it's core embodies the quintessence of the Share Markets.

The CEF is also fine-tuned with the Stock Market Astrology, Stock Market Numerology, Financial Market Astrology & Financial Market Numerology. The CEF also boosts Contest Luck for participating and winning Contests.

There are 3 models of CEFs : for an Individual, for a Share Broker and for a Share Trading Firm.

Input Data needed : Birth Name, Date of Birth & Time of Birth (if possible) and photo.


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