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1. Eight Directional Energies Report for your Home :

You are receiving Negative Energy Beams from 6 of your 8 Directions : North (95% Negative), West (75% Negative), North East (90% negative), North West (100% Negative), South East (100% Negative) and South West (100% Negative). The other 2 Directions, namely East (65% Positive) and South (75% Positive) eventhough positive right now, are fast depleting.

The Negative Energy through the North indicates blocked results, failed financial ventures and receding power. Your Creativity & Knowledge will go unacknowledged and it could earn even some bad reputation. The Negative North East has blocked your prayers from reaching the Almighty thus effectively ruling out any Divine Energy from helping you. It also indicates that there is absolutely no protection to you and your family. The corrupted energy flow through the North West will continue to bring damages to your existing health, wealth and mental peace, through clouded judgements. The important South East is receiving high negative energy, thereby depleting your punya resources - it also ensures that your poojas and remedies do not yield any significant results. The blessings from your Elders and Gurus are effectively blocked too. There could even be some undesirable sexual thoughts for some of your family members. The fully corrupted South West ensures that all your actions end up the wrong way and sometimes even smudge your character itself. The West too is receiving Negative Energy Beam, meaning wrong decisions even at the right time and bringing in obstacles in the Childrens’ education. The East is positive at the moment but seems to receive lesser and lesser of Positive Energy and if the current trend of depletion continues, there could be some undesirable events after 21 days. The only consolation is from a Positive South, which assures that there is no life risk at the moment.
Please note that the 8 Directional Energies of your home is based on your Karma and Personal Energy Field. Any and all lands and properties of yours will attract Energy Beams of same intensity. If you move/shift to another building, the same will happen there too. Thus, it is not the fault of the buildings or property.

2. Seven Energy Centers/Chakras Report :

2.1 Daniel : Of the 7 Major Chakras, 6 have been heavily damaged. Your Etheric Body has been affected by the Mooladhara (Basic Chakra) and the Swadhishtana (Sexual Chakra); your Mental Body has been affected by Anahatha (Heart Chakra) and Visudhdhi (Throat Chakra); and your Spiritual Body has been affected by the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra). Your Ajna (Third Eye Chakra) is in half-damaged condition.

2.2 Margaret : Sahasrara Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Visudhdhi Chakra, Front & Back Heart Chakras and Mooladhara Chakras are severely damaged with more than 80% cracks.

2.3 Daniel's Mother : There is no problem personally, except for the age factor - but the House Energy Field has blocked her good Energy Centers.

2.4 Daniel's Children : The House Energy Field’s Negative Energy Beam from the West has spoiled the children. Their Ajna Energy Centers are deeply affected.

3. Crystal Energy Field (CEF) Solutions :

1. The Crystal Energy Field titled Crystal Karma Gate - Version 1 is the total solution for all the problems faced by you and your family.

2. The Programming and Energising Period for the CEF is 4 to 6 weeks. You can read the full description of this CEF by clicking here.

3. The CEF will cleanse all your negativities within 3 months of the installation. You start getting results after the first 3 months - your problems will be fully solved within 1 year. Thereafter the CEF will ensure your family’s growth, business expansions, social standing and realisation of all your ethical ambitions and targets, including a successful political career that you wishing for.

4. The negative energy arising out of the defects in your Lands & Buildings (as per Vedic Vaastu Shashtra, Oriental Feng Shui, Chinese Flying Stars Fengshui and European Bau-Biologie) will be fully destroyed. If you shift to another house, the CEF will auto-tune to the new Living Space automatically.

5. The Programmed & Energised CEF can be sent to you by an Air-Courier. The Packing & Forwarding Charges will be extra. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up the CEF from Coimbatore, India also. The CEF will be activated, once you receive it in your place.

6. CEF Validity : Upto 21 days from 25.02.2006.

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