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CEF for Healers ( Basic Version )
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CEF for Healers ( Advanced Version )
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Crystal Energy Field for Reiki Healers, Pranic & Other Healers

Crystal Energy Field for Healers : (Basic Version & Advanced Version)

The CEF for Healers has the following salient features and is useful for all types of Healers, including Reiki Healers, Pranic Healers, etc. :

(1) The CEF helps the Healer in diagonising and identifying the root cause of the problems of the Healee (patient) through Intuition.

(2) The CEF implants Thought Forms in the Healer's Mind about the Nature, Colour and Quantum of Healing Energy to be given for the individual Chakras of the Healee (patient).

(3) The CEF makes sure that the Energy Flow to the Healer and the Energy Flow from the Healer to the Healee is sufficient (in quality and quantity) and smooth.

(4) When the Healer sends out Healing Energy, the CEF filters out and ensures that even the smallest amount of negative energy (of the Healer) does not go to the Healee and give him physical or mental inconvenience.

(5) Even if the Healer takes up more Healing Sessions than the normal ones, tiredness of the Healer will be minimised.

(6) The CEF prevents Energy Infections of the patient from reaching/infecting the Healer.

(7) The CEF can perform Automatic Distance Healing, when needed.

(8) The CEF beams only that much Healing Energy that the Healee's 7 Chakras individually need. There is no question of over-energising.

(9) The CEF can assist Group Healings.

(10) The CEF is directly linked to a Healing Angel, for guidance.


(1) The Advanced Version (of the CEF for Healers) can do more Distance Healings per day than the Basic Version.

(2) The Advanced Version requires to give lesser number of Distance Healings (than the Basic Version) to clear or cure the same problem.

NOTE : Exclusive CEF for boosting Clairvoyance can also be custom-built.

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