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Crystal Karma Gate 6
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Karma Gate 24

Crystal Karma Gate 24 (CKG 24) is probably the Ultimate CEF of the whole CKG Series. The CKG 24 is the First Crystal Energy Field that (apart from Personal Energy Correction for Family Members and Business Partners; Business Energy Correction; House Energy Correction and Karma Energy Correction for all the Family Members and Business Partners) includes Soul Energy Correction itself. Karma Energy Correction of a person implies Energy Correction of the Praarabdha Karma (a portion of the Accumulated Karma that is to be enjoyed in this birth) and Kriyamana Karma (Instant Karma of the current birth) of the person of this physical body. To that extent, Aagami Karma (Future Karma created by the Kriyamana Karma) too is corrected. However, the Sanchita Karma of the Soul (Accumulated Karma that is yet to be enjoyed) remains to be resolved. As long as there is even a miniscule amount of Sanchita Karma to be enjoyed, the Soul has to be reborn again to dissolve it. Click here to read more about the 4 types of Karma. The CKG 24 actually dissolves the whole of the Sanchita Karma of the Soul itself, so that there are no more rebirths required for the Soul - and that is Soul Energy Correction. The CKG 24 also ensures proper, peaceful and painless death (when the inevitable time comes) for all those under it's protection.

All the standard features of Crystal Karma Gate 1, Crystal Karma Gate 2, Crystal Karma Gate 3, Crystal Karma Gate 6, Crystal Karma Gate 9 and Crystal Karma Gate 12 are a part of this Crystal Karma Gate 24.



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