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CEF for Vaastu Consultants
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Crystal Energy Field for Vaastu Consultants

The Specialised CEF (Crystal Energy Field) for the Practitioner of Indian Vedic Vaastu Shashtra (Vastu ot Vaastu or Vasthu or Vaasthu) will be custom-built for the specific Vaastu Practitioner or Vaastu Consultant or Vaastu Master to drastically improve upon his/her intuitive capabilites.

The CEF will assist the Consultant in not just diagonising but also in divining accurately the hidden problems, Vaastu doshas and directional defects in the client's lands, buildings and the environment; suggest and implement the best possible remedial measures to balance the five elements (pancha pranas/pancha bhoodhas) and correct the energy levels, irrespective of the Consultant's experience, as the CEF is directly linked to an Angel or Devatha adept in the Science of Vaastu Shashtra, for guidance. It also automatically energises and programs the remedies suggested to the client, by the Consultant, to get the ideal results. Most importantly, the CEF protects the Consultant from the negative forces, evil energies, parasite creatures and black magic in the client's place from infecting and damaging the Consultant. Additionally the CEF also incorporates Career Energy Correction to bring in more clients, good reputation and prosperity for the Consultant.

The CEF covers Practitioners of many different recognised as well as little known ancient and mystical schools and methods of Vaastu Shastra prevalent in various parts of India.

NOTE : Exclusive CEF for boosting Clairvoyance can also be custom-built.

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